Patient Testimonials

RMA of Michigan currently has more than 2,500 babies born as a result of our program. Being able to see our former patients return with their new family is the greatest reward of all.

Our Success Stories

"Our sweet Jackson was born 2-16-17 after being conceived via our second round of iui with clomid with Dr. Miller. Every visit was as pleasant (as could be expected) and optimistic. Dr. Miller and every other staff member we dealt with was polite, efficient, and professional. I have recommended RMA to friends and family, not only because of our success but because it was a wonderful experience. Thank you for our beautiful son, you made all of our dreams come true!"

- Amy and Andrew Neate, May 24, 2018

"After a years of trying to conceive I just knew something wasn’t right. We were diagnosed with being infertile. I sought out help from a fertility specialists and we unfortunately had a unsuccessful round of IVF. That’s when me and my husband decided to look elsewhere. We had consults with 3 different fertility clinics RMA being one of them. After meeting with Dr. Miller in March of 2017 I just KNEW in my heart this was the clinic we needed to be at, and Dr. Miller was going to make my dreams a reality. Dr. Miller and the staff at RMA are all wonderful and so supportive they want you to have your baby as much as you do. I am so thankful to Dr. Miller for making my dreams of becoming a Mom come true. Jillian Isabella was born on April 25th, 2018. We have 2 more embryos on Ice and are planning our next transfer ( in about 1 year)."

- Heather Distefano, RN, May 21, 2018

"Dr. Miller, Dr. Wolf, Nicole & Staff,

Thank you so much for making our dream of having a child become a reality. Because of your help, we now have a very healthy, happy, beautiful daughter. Our experience with RMA was beyond exceptional & exceeded our expectations. We love telling people the story of our journey with you. It’s people like you that make dreams come true & we are forever grateful. We cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us.

Thank you!"

- Alison & Dale Traver, Aug. 30, 2017

"My journey began in Jan 2013 when we had our first consultation with Dr. Wolf at RMA. I was 39 yrs old and had been trying for 7 months to get pregnant. My son was born in May 2015. The road to get him was filled with lot of tears, lots of bfn, and a miscarriage. Yet this lady believed it was possible. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant with #2 thanks to Dr. Wolf and her team. Today we went to RMA's 7th annual baby reunion. Seeing all the babies and toddlers running around is amazing!!"

- Vesna, Aug. 5, 2017

"I am not even sure where to begin, from the moment we walked into RMA I felt at home. After being a patient and undergoing treatment at two facilities before RMA my husband and I truly felt burnt out but wanted to give our dream of having a baby one last shot. I am so incredibly thankful that we found RMA and will never be able to thank them enough for everything they have done for my husband and I. Dr. Miller, Dr. Wolf, the nursing staff (Chris<3), lab team, admin staff, everyone at RMA was so amazing, kind, and caring. To the team that turned into family and literally helped us create our own, thank you for giving us the most incredible gift."

- Sandra & Justin Tomei, July 18, 2017

"After 15 years of stuggling with infertility and a failed IVF at a different clinic, we decided to transfer our remaining 7 embryos to RMA of Michigan. Dr. Miller and Dr Wolf, along with all of the staff, made us feel at ease about our second round. We no longer felt like we were just being dragged through the process. This time around, we were always in the know. Our transfer on 10/31/16, resulted in the birth of our son who came to greet me on my first Mother's Day, 5/14/17. Although he came a bit early, he was perfect with no issues. We are forever grateful to RMA of Michigan for their care."


- Elizabeth Herr and Thundoer Yang, July 18, 2017

"Dear Dr. Wolf,

Words cannot express how grateful we are to have met you back in 2013.

Your expertise, patience and guidance  helped us to have our daughter Mariah in 2015 and now again we are expecting our 2nd child in Oct due to the help of RMA and YOU.

Thank you so very much

We knew we had to add your name to our baby announcement this time :)

With Sincere thanks,"

- Paul and Shannon Grabowsky, April 10th, 2017

"Went in to listen to RMA's free seminar/session. Got a free consultation with plans to get us preggo. As we were getting the few first steps done...dr Wolf made minor changes to my basic meds. Before starting our 3rd FET we got pregnant. Dr. Wolf gave me a sincere big hug when we confirm our pregnancy. I was in Shock (emotional) !!!! Because years of trying at another facility in southern California (iui's, ivf, 2 FETs) and nothing. RMA got us preggo just like that ... My husband will even recommend RMA to others. I have Dr. Wolf to thank for our daughter."

– Elaina, August 25, 2016

"Eight days ago, I became a mom. It wouldn't have been possible without the great work from the staff at RMA of Michigan. Thank you Jennifer who found the perfect donor, Dr. Miller performed the transfer which was successful and I'll never forget the 1st ultrasound heartbeat with Dr. Wolf. Every single staff interaction was supportive and helpful. Words cannot express my gratitude!!"

– Karen, August 12, 2016

"All I can say is PHENOMENAL! Loved the doctors, loved the staff. In fact, I loved them all so much, I cried at my last appointment. It was heartbreaking to leave there. Got pregnant on the first try and am halfway through my pregnancy now. I can't possibly say enough good things about RMA. It was one of the best experiences of my life. My husband agrees and raves about it to everyone. Thank you, RMA!"

– Alison, August 11, 2016

"I honestly don't even know where to begin. The staff at RMA of MI are kind, professional, caring and just overall amazing. Dr. Wolf and Dr. Miller gave us hope, when we thought all hope was lost. Our nurse, Lisa, was there for us every step of the way- always encouraging and supportive. Tanya and Crystal made frequent lab draws not so bad- it was always a pleasure talking with them and so sweet to know that they were rooting for us too. My husband and I are eternally grateful for all the staff at RMA - after all we wouldn't have our sweet baby boy if it wasn't for them."

– Meagan, June 14, 2016

"RMA was nothing but professional and amazing. We can't thank them enough for our precious little boy. Dr. Wolf and Miller are incredible and make you feel at ease the whole time. Even with the up and down rollercoaster that fertility can be, we looked forward to our visits because they treated us as well or better than family. We can't say enough about them. We have had many friends use them, some got pregnant the first month, some had a longer road, but all were successful. They are incredible!!!"

– Stephanie, May 8, 2016

"After going to another fertility clinic, I realized my voice wasn't being heard. We changed to RMA and we meet with Dr Miller. He explained all of our options and listened to us and what WE wanted. We chose to do the IUI. It took on the first try. The staff and doctors are the nicest, most knowledgeable and kind-hearted people I know. The process is very stream lined, you know exactly what to expect and what you are responsible for. I drove an extra 20 miles one way to go to RMA, I would drive 100 miles one way for this facility. I recommend this office to everyone needing reproductive support."

-K. Andersen, May 17, 2015

"Thank you to RMA for helping when we were almost out of hope. We had tried programs unsuccessfully with two other clinics prior to finding RMA and their customized personal care truly sets them apart. Their professionals are friendly, honest, dedicated and truly care about your personal journey. We are thrilled that after more than 2 years of fertility treatments, RMA successfully helped bring our miracle, Makenna Grace, into the world on 12.11.14."

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

George Markley & Tracy Thomas

"Although I always knew I wanted children, my partner Sherrie did not. After being together for 7 years, I had finished my Master's degree and we decided we wanted to have our first child.

Sometimes, being a same sex couple, we're never sure how people will react to us. From the moment we walked into RMA, Sherrie and I were treated with the utmost respect. Dr. Wolf made us feel as if we were her only patients and was compassionate and supportive with any issue, including my endometriosis, an unanticipated hurdle. Chris and Denise were on the front line right next to us, navigating us through every challenge, every success, and every failure. Tanya is still the best phlebotomist I have ever had. The day we left RMA because it was time for my OB-GYN to take over my treatment was bittersweet; RMA had become like a little family.

We were so excited to welcome Rockwell to the world on March 5, 2014. Sherrie and I are in love with this little guy. Although once upon a time she wasn't sure about having children, Sherrie is a wonderful, loving mama."

Thank you, RMA.

Melissa & Sherrie

“DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! After 5 years of infertility we came to Dr. Wolf with hopes of being blessed with a child. We had been through all of the tests and found no reason for the infertility. With the support of RMA we started treatments and 3 1/2 years ago we were blessed with our son. After a year with our son, we wanted more children. We had difficulties having a second baby and returned to RMA for a second chance. This time was extremely trying as we had a few unsuccessful attempts, however with the love, support and guidance of the RMA team, we never gave up on our dreams! After our last attempt, the RMA team had done it again, we were pregnant with TWINS! Our boy/girl twins are 8 months old now and everyday we look at them with amazement that our dreams of having a big family had come true! We are forever grateful for the RMA team and could never thank all of you for helping us to achieve our dreams!”

Emily, August 2013

Lisa B.

"Thank you just isn’t adequate to express the joy you have brought into our lives. Our son, was born on February 18, 2012 because you saw hope in our case when we saw none. He is a month old today, and even though we are in the midst of many sleepless nights we wanted to take time to express our gratitude to you. We are grateful for the kindness and positive attitudes that everyone at your office provided. Even when our first IVF attempt failed, you still provided a positive outlook for us. One of the things I loved most about your office was there was always someone available to talk to if I had a concern or a question. The nursing staff makes it known that they will be there with you every step of the way guiding you to a successful outcome, and they fulfill that promise. Infertility caused us four years of misery and hopelessness, but we are so grateful to have met a group of people who were able to guide us through this challenging time with honesty, hope and faith in the possibilities. You have enriched our lives and we are forever grateful."

“After six years of infertility we came to you with low hope to have a child. We felt empty as we always wanted a family. We put our trust in you that somehow you would help us overcome this incredible battle. You gave us inspiration, support and love along the way. Then our miracle happened and we became pregnant. After having our precious son for two years of course we hoped we would somehow get pregnant again on our own but didn’t. Although we were fulfilled, we didn’t want to give up the chance to be a complete family with a sibling if possible so we turned back to you. Not as desperate this time, but still scared we were giving it one more try. Amazingly, you performed a miracle again and this time with twins! This is more than we could have EVER hoped for. It’s actually what we wanted before we knew we had infertility! We cannot thank you enough for helping us have the family that we ALWAYS dreamed of!”

“Words can’t express how grateful we are for everything you have done in helping us achieve the greatest gift ever, our baby boy! We feel very fortunate and blessed to have used you and your clinic. From the expertise, professionalism, to caring staff, we feel very grateful and fortunate. You guys are the best!”

“After many months and tears, four months ago, we had our baby boy thanks to your care. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for such a beautiful gift! He is such a joy and blessing. Without your support and hard work, it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for the smiles and the positive attitude every time we came in for a blood test or procedure. We couldn’t be happier.”

“It’s impossible to express how grateful we are to you for this miracle. We feel so fortunate that we were able to be under your care. You are all remarkable.”

“We never imagined our lives would take this turn, but we are so thankful to have found a practice and a group of people dedicated to making our dream of becoming parents come true. Thank you for your help, compassion, understanding and support throughout this entire process.”

"Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts for helping our dreams of having a family come true. You are all so wonderful, compassionate and caring and always took the time to make sure all of our concerns were addressed. The world needs more people like you! We are so grateful we found your office. Thank you all for everything you do on a daily basis.”

"Without Dr. Wolf, Dr. Miller and RMA we would not have been blessed with our little princess. We are all so thankful for all you did for us! She has changed our lives for the better. Her big brother is so in love with her – as are we. Thank you again for everything!”

“To the wonderful doctors and staff at RMA, thank you all for helping make our dreams come true a second time! Everyone was so caring and wonderful and helped make this process as easy as possible.”

"You are more than doctors, nurses and medical professionals to us, you are heart-menders, hope-builders and dream-makers! You will always be a precious part of our story and special people that started our baby's life journey!"

Jill & Andy, July 2009

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